About Me

rundmcHello & Welcome all my fab friends!


I’m Latrice.

I am a wife to an amazing husband, military spouse and mommy to a beautiful baby girl. I’m also the best friend that you never knew you had. Hey Girl Hey! I created Diva Diva Everywhere as a place for me to express all the things that I love.

 I am a lover of all pretty things, black girl magic, full moons and bright stars. I am a goof ball, hair tossing, “YOU BETTA WERK!” type of gal. I like to make my own rules and when it comes to fashion and style I believe that the possibilities are endless. I love mixing prints, bold colors, heels that stop traffic, thrifted goodies and being glamorous in an urban boho goddess chic kind of way. See what I mean when I say no rules?

I am a free spirit that’s obsessed with everything food and fashion. I once had dreams of culinary school but changed my mind once I learned all the strict rules of a commercial kitchen. NO long nails?! NO nail polish?! Not for me. However, the kitchen is still my favorite place to be. There’s nothing like expressing your love through food and having fun while doing it.

In this life that we live we never know what country we’re going to be living in or when we’re going to be living there. We’re currently living on a tiny island in Japan. I promised myself that no matter where we will be I will always stay true to who I am while learning from different cultures along the way.

I hope you all enjoy my creative outlet filled with my personal style, kitchen magic, family love, passions, dreams, laughter, fluffy afro’s and the many things that inspire me. I also hope that I can inspire you along the way.