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Ever have one of those days when you just keep craving something and the force within you just won’t go away? Today is that day for me. I just want to go to TGI Friday’s and drown myself in an unlimited amount of potato skins. The classic ones and whatever new variety they have.

I. Need. Them.

I mean I’m totally being gluttonous right now or maybe I’m just pregnant.

HAHA. I just love blaming things on pregnancy.

We happen to have a Chili’s here on base but they don’t have potato skins. Of all things to not have on the menu why’d it have to be potato skins?! What kind of world is this? Who can I write a letter to?!

Iyanla, please fix it.

Instead of making potato skins or buying the chalky ones from the grocery store freezer section, EW, I’m just going to drool over these recipes.

Check out these links below. I’m in love.

Shrimp-Nacho-Potato-Skins-1-683x1024|When two glorious foods become one. Shrimp Nacho Potato Skins.|

Sausage-Egg-Potato-Skins_Main_680px|Ahhh..this is what brunch heaven looks like.|

Big-Mac-Stuffed-potatoes-88|Er-my-gahh Big Mac Potato Skins. Genius.|

poutine-potato-skins|Poutine on STEROIDS. |

188_970218725_l|Bacon and Cheese Potato Skin Sandwiches. Hello!|

Which one of these are you drooling over? If it’s all of them then we’re totally in the same boat.

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  • Reply Shontay

    Im craving all but the seafood options. I’m allergic to shellfish, otherwise I’d be down for those as well because they do look extra scrumptious! 😊😄😍😋👅

    October 15, 2015 at 1:50 PM
    • Reply Latrice

      oh nooo…I haven’t really liked shellfish much since I’ve been pregnant so I’m partially allergic lol

      October 20, 2015 at 11:21 AM

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